Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making Frozen Veggie Cubes for Baby Food

With the stack of baby-related junk mail we received, I found a book offer about making your own baby food. I was intrigued with the idea so ordered the book. Caleb's pediatrician’s advice was to delay starting solid food as long as possible and start rice cereal as close to 6 months as possible. We worked hard to do that. But by 5 months old Caleb was extremely interested in watching us eat. His eyes followed our hands as we lifted food to our mouths.

We started him on very liquidy rice cereal 2 weeks before his 6 month appointment. His next food was sweet potatoes. I spend a couple 1/2 days a month making and freezing a new food. We cook the vegetable, purée it in the blender with water, strain it, and then put it in ice cube trays. After its frozen, we put the cubes in freezer bags, and then vacuum-pack them organizing cubes into a variety of veggies and fruit for each package. I am amazed at how much Caleb likes these veggies!

In addition to making fruit & veggie cubes, I also make Caleb's cereal. We worked our way solely from brown rice up to multi grains. The cereal is what I feel best about. I know that he's are getting more than what the commercial cereals offer, and he like it! Its become a joke with family and friends about the “approved” list of foods.

While I don’t really want to be a crazy uptight mom, I don’t see any reason to feed Caleb processed food, especially sugars when he enjoys my organic home-made food as much as he does! I usually dislike cooking and being in the kitchen, but I get such joy knowing that the food he's getting is all natural, healthy, and unprocessed.


  1. Darci,
    I think this is great. I've been doing some reading on organic baby food and was thinking I might try it as well. Although I have quite so time to go!! Just wondering what you got and if you'd recommend that...
    Kimberly Knight

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    Congrats on your little one coming. I've been using the book titled, "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron. There are many books out there on how to make veggie cubes, but what I like best is her emphasis on what she calls super porridge. Once Caleb turned 9 months, he could eat a homemade cereal that is a multi-grain mixture made of anything from brown rice, millet, to barley, oats, kidney beans, and chikapeas. Honestly, I've learned more about grains and legumes than I ever thought possible ;)

    The basis of the baby's diet is what is known today as an "anti-cancer" diet, which means high fiber, whole grains, fruits and veggies and dairy. The author is a bit egocentric, and the book's not super easy to read because she's constantly referring you to other places in the book. While other books are much prettier, with better photos, I like her attention to detail when discussing how to make homemade cereal. She takes the organic very seriously--is a vegetarian--and almost goes as far to say that you're a bad parent if you allow meat into your home. But as long as you read her with a "grain of salt" attitude, you'll enjoy the book. I've learned a lot from the book, changed my own diet (so I can honestly answer "Well, I'd eat that!" to the question, "Who would ever really eat that baby food?") I go to a "Naturally Yours" grocery store in Peoria or buy his organic grains online. Its still cheaper than buying commercially made baby food!

    However, don't believe anyone who tells you it doesn't take "that much time", it does. I hate being in the kitchen, and while I enjoy making his food, it takes time...

    I hope this helps

  3. Darci,
    Thanks for the information! I will check out the book (with a grain of salt).


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