Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where's Trouble? (TP)

Where's Trouble? Well Caleb's at the age where when its quiet I have to wonder what he's up to. Here's where I found him one morning and what he was up to! Its self explanatory! Enjoy :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mirror Buddy

This video shows Caleb really looking at himself in the mirror. Although he's always seen himself, somehow, this time he sees a new buddy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Walking at the Cottage

There's no better backdrop for a "first steps" video than Lake Maxinkukee! Caleb loves his ability to walk. It started with him pushing anything and everything. He maneuvers each well, using his body weight to get it to go where he wants. In this video, he is pushing a toy car and when it gets stuck, walks right toward me and Grandpa Hippenhammer.

Baby Signs

Here is a photo of Caleb signing "more." We were in the car headed home from the cottage Memorial Day weekend.

I did some research on using sign language with babies. It is a trend right now, and wanted to see what research was out there. The two women (both Ph.D's) who made this popular have research to back up its success. It does NOT delay language development, it actually improves their vocabulary. I enjoyed reading about how their children inspired them. The songs with motions that they love so much... and making up their own signs.

So I decided to give it a try. The research says that once a baby begins to point to things is the point at which they are asking for its name. This is the perfect time to be repeating both orally and physically with the signs. So we started modeling signs around 9 months. And his first sign was "food" at 11 months old.

At the age of one:
  • Caleb know signs for: more, dog, train, all done, hot, and food.
  • Caleb's actual words: moma, dada, dump truck, and ga (not sure if it means Grandma or Gunner, our neighbor's dog!)

I am so amazed at how much he understands. We can say "kitty" and he immediately looks around for Laney. Craig and I loved it when he started to do the signs without prompting. He started by immitating us, but now does them when he wants to talk to us! Its so fun.

Memorial Day--Toddler Emerges

Yeah, go ahead and tell me...he's cute! This is the walker that he loves so much (Thanks Aunt Sonda, Uncle Joel, and cousin Micah!) However, it was this weekend that Caleb officially became a toddler! He loves walking! He'd been standing alone for several weeks and using the walker since late-winter. He loves his new-found independence--and our lives are now changed forever!
The Cottage season has begun. The boat is in, and like any "normal" boat ride, Grandma brings a train set? No rules for grandmas!

Caleb loves Watermelon. He'll take pieces of it in both fists, and squeeze as hard as he can letting the juices drip down to he's elbows.

Caleb's First Birthday

Well, my baby is turning into a little boy! Although you can't tell by the photo, Caleb had a great time. We celebrated in Chenoa with the Harland and Streeter family.

Elmo party hats, birthday blow toys (thanks Grandma!) and a lot of noise made it a real party. The cake had balloons and the cupcakes were decorated with Elmo!

For his birthday Caleb got duplo blocks with a big dump truck (video coming), from Grandma, a Playschool toy that lights up and makes noise (thanks Streeters), blow up pool, beach ball and sand box toys from us. The Hippenhammer Grandparents donated toward a sand box. Herrmans got Caleb AWSOME farm magnets that make a lot of noise and music--a favorite for our 1 year old.