Sunday, June 1, 2008

Caleb's First Birthday

Well, my baby is turning into a little boy! Although you can't tell by the photo, Caleb had a great time. We celebrated in Chenoa with the Harland and Streeter family.

Elmo party hats, birthday blow toys (thanks Grandma!) and a lot of noise made it a real party. The cake had balloons and the cupcakes were decorated with Elmo!

For his birthday Caleb got duplo blocks with a big dump truck (video coming), from Grandma, a Playschool toy that lights up and makes noise (thanks Streeters), blow up pool, beach ball and sand box toys from us. The Hippenhammer Grandparents donated toward a sand box. Herrmans got Caleb AWSOME farm magnets that make a lot of noise and music--a favorite for our 1 year old.

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