Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year Thoughts

I Wish: I were taller
I Love: unsolicited hugs from my Caleb
I Long: for time to read for FUN!
I Hurt: for people who've lost loved ones--particularly during the holiday season.
I Imagine: new ways to run my classes next semester
I Wonder: how what another year will bring
I Pray: Caleb sees Christ's love in his family and chooses to one day accept Him as his savior.
I Sing: alto, but I miss it since we haven't been going to church lately.
I Hope: to do a better job of focusing on what God has planned for me and my life, rather than focusing on my own agenda.
I Hate: that I don't always make time for friends.
I Talk: when I should sometimes keep my mouth shut, and keep my mouth shut when sometimes I should talk.
I Hear: there are some churches who are healthy
I Miss: spending time in downtown Chicago during the holiday season
I Misbehave: when I go to bed early, when I should be researching or preparing for my classes.
I Envy: people who balance motherhood and working.
I Fear: I'll never find a church family where I feel I can be myself, and be challenged in my walk with Christ.
I Need: to learn to be more open to people

This blog was inspired by Bri's blog!

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