Monday, December 22, 2008


While I don't have much time to scrapbook, I LOVE it! It combines my love of photography & my need to do something hands-on. I love cutting paper, getting glue on my hands, cutting shapes, and having a huge pile of paper scraps that I hope to do something amazing with someday. I love using ribbon, epoxy stickers, and stamps. Pretty much, if Hobby Lobby sells it for scrapbooking, I love it!

However, since having Caleb, my main concern is journalling. I want to make sure that I've written down all the cute little nuances that make me enjoy him so much. I don't want to someday forget these moments that have allowed me to be ok with NOT multi-tasking, but instead basking in the moment. So my journally occurs on the computer after Caleb goes to bed. I print these off, and keep them with my scrapping materials, to inspire my pages.

My organization of my photos and layouts have changed too since having Caleb. I no longer feel that I have to scrap "events." Instead I go more with themes like, "Truck, Trains, & Tractors" or "PJ's." So a reciepe box stores these photos by theme. So by the time I scrap the page, I may have photos from when he is 6 months old scrapped with ones where he is 2. It keeps me from feeling like I'm "behind" in scrapping, but allows me to always be thinking of journaling ideas as well as themes and even layouts.

My need for journally has also leaked out into my family. For Thanksgiving, I had family members write on some tags I made out of cardstock, a list of the 5 things they were most thankful for. I collected them, typed them up into a handout, and had everyone guess whose list belonged to who. It was fun, allowed us time to reflect, and will also give me and my sister-in-law something different to scrap for the Thanksgiving page.

So for Christmas, I'm having us all list our Fav's of 2008. I took photos of all my family members at Thanksgiving, (for a Caleb Christmas project) made them black & whits, and I plan on using those photos to display these lists in my scrapbook. I think it would be fun years later, to look back at our favorite songs, TV show, scripture, phrase to say, hobby, etc... Its a way to capture a moment in time! Luckily the family has been good so far in indulging me in my requests! :)

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