Sunday, January 25, 2009

I hate Grocery Shopping...and cooking!

I hate grocery shopping and cooking, but I'm getting better. I recently found a list online and its has motivated me to sit down and write out a list of meals each week (something I've never done before). The list is called "The Ultimatest Grocery List" and a pdf file of the actual list can be found at The list is organized by category, so it helps save time in the grocery store and reduces the chance that you'll forget something on the list.

Hippenhammer Christmas

Christmas with my family was spent in Bourbonnais. The big treat was having time to spend with my sister's family. Caleb loved playing with his big cousin Micah, and we got to meet Julia for the first time as well. Caleb was a bit jealous when I would hold Julia, but after a while got used to her, giving her hugs and calling her "baby." He has a soft spot, and if she would cry, he would cry too, concerned that she was hurt. We tried to explain that crying was her only way to communicate with us, and that it didn't mean she was hurt.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Overview-Harland

These are these the scrapbooks I made for my nieces! We did a photo shoot of all their outfits and these photos will be put into the scrapbook, cut at the waist so they can change tops & bottoms.
Surprises! Fun, Fun!

Streeters got a Wii for Christmas. It was so fun to watch them get involved in the games!

Caleb loves tractors!

Rocking Horse

Caleb got a rocking horse for Christmas from Grandma & Grandpa Harland. He's come a long way. When we first introduced the horse to him, he was intimated by it, and needed help from his cousins to ease him into it. But as you can tell from the video, he LOVES it now!

Capturing the moment

I am so pleased with the capabilities of my new camera and how everything I used to do on my old film Nikon is coming back to me. I was so happy to be able to capture this moment of Caleb happily playing with his farm animals that he got for Christmas. (For the camera nerds out there, I had my camera set to Aperture priority and the to ISO to 1800 and the WB set to Tungston.)