Sunday, April 26, 2009


This Easter Caleb is old enough to start some traditions. While I didn't have him color his own eggs, we did spend the week before Easter practice hiding and finding the plastic eggs. Then Easter morning, I put a line of eggs outside his bedroom that lead to his Easter basket. I love how excited he was when he found each egg -hid plainly in sight! Genuine joy! My mom brought some actual eggs that I decorated years ago--real shells with the insides blown out. Kinda weird to think that I played with the same eggs that Caleb is now enjoying!

I had a lot of fun putting together his Easter Basket this year. It included, new spring sandals, some play animals (the safari variety), wonder book & markers (wonderful---since staying on the page is NOT a priority at this age!), two new Thomas the Tank Engine -Engines, an Elmo Springtime DVD, a couple hot wheel cars, and of course Winnie the Pooh themed tooth brush and toothpaste. Candy was not really introduced this Easter. He got a couple fruit bars and other yummy treats, and he didn't know the difference! Caleb's Grandma got him more plastic eggs, a video, some Bible books-focused on singing (so we LOVE those), a pinwheel, a new shirt, and other goodies. Now, I will say here that the true importance of Easter, Christ's resurrection, was not lost. We had several Christian Easter books that we read and discussed this year.

This is Caleb playing with the elephant, and doing the sign--although he does actually say the word now too--but somehow, the sign accompanied with the sound is more fun! After church we went on a walk and did a little mini-Easter egg hunt outside. The nice Easter outfit was sort of lost, because of the necessary addition of the new ball cap! Oh well...he still looks nice!

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