Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Frigerator!

Its no secret that I like things organized. I got a laminator for Christmas, and there's no turning back. Well, we've updated our kitchen with new stainless steel "fridgerator" and dishwasher (We've now done our part to stimulate the economy!) Since cooking isn't really my thing, the kitchen is something I've never worked hard at organizing...until now.

Since I had a clean fridge to start with, I thought...

Why not have a specific shelf for certain items?
Why not group like items together?
Why not be able to find food items before they become great micro-biological specimens?
And to help us remember those groupings, why not label where the items go?

I've justified this by saying that it will help Caleb learn to read, but really it will help both Craig and I always put thing back so we each know what food we have and what we need. I know, I'm crazy..but labels make me happy!

Note #1: Craig prefers the phrases "fridge" or "refrigerator" NOT "Frigerator." I thought I knew all those silly little things about my husband, but this one was highlighted when the women who sold us our appliances kept using the WRONG terminology, and it made Craig's skin crawl! Who knew?

Note #2: My Mother LOVED the idea of having these same labels in the fridge at the cottage. So Cottage regular attenders, beware, these labels may apply to you!


  1. Darci,
    You must add pictures to the labels for full effect- we just learned that Nathan is a visual learner and pictures are stronger than words for him! I'm supposed to help him with picture schedule! (even though he can read!) :) I
    I love the labels-- I want a label maker...Roger thinks i'm crazy!

  2. I love the labels!! This is inspiring! :)


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