Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Hobby--Treasure Hunting!

Well, Craig has introduced a new hobby for the family. It involves a hand-held GPS and looking for "treasures." The hobby is called geocaching and here is the official website. Basically people leave a log list, usually cleverly hidden, and get the GPS coordinates to share with others. When you find the cache you sign it, and put it back where you found it. Then you can log onto the website and make any reports about the cache, like whether it was wet, easy or difficult to find etc... So far we've found mostly micro-caches, which are about the size of a thumb. But one we found was a small plastic container, and people leave items behind. I guess its like any other hobby--its a sort of community, brought together even closer by internet.

Its fun because it gives us a reason to be outside, go new places, and to spend time together as a family. While the overall idea is somewhat "geeky," we love it. Craig goes online and downloads all the cache sites found in our area into his GPS. We can even get extra hints & tips (like how difficult the find is) and that has proved helpful, because we are "newbies."

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