Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caleb Meets the Internet

We are in the digital age right? So, I'd been putting off introducing Caleb to what might be available to him via my computer. I knew he'd have his whole life to access the world wide web, why start too early right? And more importantly, up until now, the computer was MINE. But like all areas of my life, I've learned to share!

Our first (and only) stop? The only games we've tried so far are the ones with Curious George. Caleb can't use the touch pad on my MacBook, and the he can't handle the travel mouse either. Conceptually he's just not there yet. Therefore, the best games are the ones that allow him to use the arrow keys. Otherwise, I am taking orders from a 2 1/2 year old, which is fun for all of 3 minutes, because he wants to do it himself. "My Do It!" He knows what he wants the objects on the screen to do and gets mad when it doesn't happen!

A new phrase in our house, "Mom, Caleb play Monkey George!" (In your head you should hear the sentence above in an emphatic directive tone, with a small attempt at sounding as if it were a question!)

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