Sunday, December 11, 2011

NSTA Seattle Area Conference

Big STEM Student Research Handbook Poster

So, I'm in Seattle at the NSTA Area Conference, and I have to say, the coffee is great everywhere here in the upper north-west. Its been quite a thrill for me to be here as a first-time author. When I dropped by the NSTA Press bookstore with my family Wednesday night, this is the poster that greeted me! The cover of my book, almost as big as me! So this is a photo of me and my two boys. The youngest is 8 months old, with whom I was pregnant during most of the writing of this book. My presentation on Thursday was for The Mind Project, where I introduced teachers to various FREE online virtual labs. Today I had my session related to my book, in efforts to help teachers organize student researchers.

NSTA Press Author (Me) Signing Books

Then this afternoon, I also had my first official book signing. I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't a thrill. I enjoy meeting teachers, curriculum directors and administrators who are interested in having students perform research projects as a way to DO science. There are so many ways to implement research as part of the student experience. Some do it as after school clubs, some as part of existing courses, some as summer school courses, or even semester, or year-long courses that are dedicated to student research. What ever the case, its great to talk with those who are doing this with students! I love NSTA conferences.

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