Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Organization

Storage has been a challenge since we moved into our new home. We downsized significantly, and without closets in the bedrooms, there is nowhere to hide the stuff you need! So when considering storage, dressers, unless they are really tall and have ample storage, aren't good for a small room. So, instead of using bedroom furniture, I had my hubby build floor to ceiling shelves, in both our master bedroom and in our boys' room. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun designing them. I'm not embarrassed to say that it involved graph paper, and measuring every plastic crate or shelf or canvas tote we owned so that we could use what we already own to make a home for our clothes and other essentials.

It goes without saying that everything having a spot just makes me happy, but you know what my favorite part of this is? The little dressing table in the cubby to the far left. Since we have only one bathroom, I thought it might be best that I do my makeup and hair here instead. Craig (my husband) worked it out so I have a powerstrip below the shelf, which makes it all very convenient.

This photo is my son in the boys' room with all the stuff the afternoon we moved in. I'm proud to say each thing had its place.

Here's the boys' room finished. I use plastic tubs on top for the out of season clothes and larger items. And you'll notice too, I use the Sterilite plastic drawers (from WalMart) instead of the traditional dresser. I feel they are durable, hold a lot more than wooden drawers, and will really hold up to two boys opening and closing them. Each one is three drawers, and I stacked one unit on top of the other. The 4 year old's clothes are in the bottom drawers so he can reach them, and the 6 month old gets the top 3 drawers for now.

My favorite part of this shelving unit is how I worked our old wooden kitchen table as the diaper changing area. (In these photos I was using a card table until the wooden table was done being used for staging our house that we were trying to sell.) The plan is that after the table is done being used as a diaper changing station, it will be a place to color, paint, read, and all kinds of good fun.

I thought I would also share with you an organizational tip that I got from my Grandma Gould. She taught me to use toilet paper cardboard rolls as a way to organize those pesky cords. I use them for my beauty tools, and also in the kitchen with my stored away appliances. I will say too, that Grandma used to use left over wall paper to decorate them to match the theme of the room. I've just not made that a priority...but a great idea!


  1. Darci,

    I have closets, but our rooms are tiny and we wanted a king size bed, so this summer we followed your lead, kept our two tall dressers at the foot of our bed, and put in cube systems so all my current reading, to Read next, and books I need regularly for personal and professional use can all be seen and easy to find. I don't really use my college office anymore for course prep and using our basement for my stuff was to hard. I can also have my cube drawers with all kinds of misc. clothes and Nathan has his reading shelf too!
    I am proud of you and the sacrifices you have made for this neat ministry! I so get the graph paper and measuring...when we bought this house with tiny rooms we made moveable pieces to plan how the furniture we owned would best fit, did it again with the kitchen necessary for a planner!

  2. Thanks SLP-my organizational cousin! I'm finding the key is to make it low maintenance. Items that can be shoved into cubes, baskets, or totes still allow the room to look neat. And using existing pieces is nice to reduce cost as long as you have someone who is willing to custom design things around them!


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