Monday, February 27, 2012

Schools Using the STEM Student Handbook

If you are using the STEM Student Research Handbook, we'd like to know. Please post the name of your school (with a link) and how the Handbook is being used!

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  1. Hi Darci,

    Paradise Valley Unified School District

    I am the STEM Curriculum Specialist for the Paradise Valley Unified School District in Phoenix, AZ. We have a four-year comprehensive high school STEM program that is offering a "STEM Collaborative Research" course for Juniors starting this fall. We are combining our Engineering, Biotech and Sustainability students together to offer relevant, applicable research opportunities focusing primarily around the Engineering Grand Challenges. We have purchased your text book for this course and couldn't be more pleased!

    We are also partnering with a new organization from ASU, the QUANTA, that we ran a pilot with last spring. We linked university researchers with undergrads (as mentors), to high school freshmen. The freshmen completed a semester long research project (linked to the university) and presented their findings at a Symposium in April. It was awesome! When you find teachers that have no where to start, or how to find topics for research, looking into a connection like QUANTA might be very helpful! See:

    With the NSF requiring universities to have a K-12 outreach to secure grant funding, linking local universities researchers with undergrad mentors and HS students might be the way to go!

    Linda Coyle


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