Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boogie Wipes

I'm the type of mom who likes to save money, not spend it on cute kid products. But I have to tell you that Boogie Wipes, if you've had a kid with a REALLY bad cold, is not a frivolous purchase. Our son has had a cold that is so bad that his nose became raw. Warning, gross photos below...

Boogie Wipes are gentle saline wipes that absolutely saved the day (week really) when our son would start screaming at the sight of a dry tissue.  We bought the green package, which is the fresh scent, and while my baby (1 year old) does not love having his nose wiped, this is way better than regular tissues. 

Looking into the Boogie Wipes company, its a two-Mom company, that now has 17 employees. Their marketing strategy is so cool. Some of their slogans are "Save the Sleeve!"& "Snot your average wipe!" and they have a really nice website, with their full story, and videos of their kids helping market the product. My favorite (from a STEM perspective) is the Booger Facts page so you can learn funny tid-bits about the purpose of boogers, which animals sneeze the most, and why picking your nose is poor hygiene. 

If you're reading this and thinking, "Really, why would I pay more for a scented-saline wipe when I could just use regular tissues, then you've never had to run after a kid every 4 minutes whose nose looks like this...[warning...gross photo below!]

 Our one-year old's nose was so raw from being wiped (and we weren't even wiping it every time it needed it!) that he got a bacterial infection around his nose! If I'd only had the Boogie Wipes sooner, this might not have happened. [Note; he did have to go on antibiotics to get rid of the infection.] I'm learning not to poo-poo a product if I've never tried it, or had a situation in which I would need that product. Thanks to the two moms who came up with this idea! 

[I received no compensation for this review. This is just my honest opinion about a great product I wanted to share with you.] 

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  1. I love those boogie wipes. I first got them as a gift, and thought it was just another waste of money baby product, but now I swear by them whenever my daughter's nose is continually runny. They are the best, and really help avoid that raw nose.
    I also wanted to stop by to tell you that I did a post on how we painted our kitchen cabinets, and what we used.
    Since you had asked a few questions about it before.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo. Have a wonderful weekend!


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