Saturday, April 28, 2012

ISU Research Symposium

The ISU (Illinois State University) High School Research Symposium was Friday, April 27th. And it it an event I have attended for 10 years.  In the beginning I was a biology teacher who brought students to this competition and now I am at the the Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology helping put on the event and supporting teachers who do research with students. We had 14 teachers and over 200 posters this year. I am always impressed by the teachers and students who come. I completely understand the significance of this day as it is a time to showcase the hard work it takes to engage in projects of this magnitude. 

After the poster session in the morning, we had two ISU professors speak to students about the research they do. First to present was Dr. Kevin Laudner from the department of Kinesiology and Recreation who spoke about his research on shoulder injuries. Our other presenter was Dr. Rachel Bowden, a ecological physiologist who studies the neuroendocrine basis of sex determination and the immune systems of the Trachemys scripta (or the Red-eared slider turtle).  

We had a large number of categories in which students could submit their research, so we had 38 awards (1-3 place) to handout before we sent everyone home.

In addition to judging, I also had the opportunity to interview a number of teachers who came to our event. I will be sharing more about that in future posts. Each year we always hand out an award to the school who had the highest number of awards. For the third year in a row, Mrs. Naughton from Niles North High School took home this traveling trophy! 

Congrats to everyone for a job well-done!

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