Saturday, April 14, 2012

Summer Lesson Plan Book for Homeschooling Mom

Its no secret that I'm a planner. And lesson planning is no exception. I'm new at digital scrapping, but I'd thought I'd take a go at making the cover for my summer lesson plan book. So there you have it! My lesson plan inserts are landscape and are meant to be back to back so that when you are looking at the entire 8 subject columns, the title headings are on the far left.  This lesson plan layout is designed for pre-K. I'll have to provide you with feedback after the summer is over how it worked!  

I'm providing you a printable if you want it, but I warn you, I don't have the graphic design finesse that other mommy bloggers have, but if you want it, you are welcome to it. Click HERE or on either of the pages for link to the Google Doc pdf.

[The digital papers and embellishments are called "Note2selfadd" and were downloaded from] 

Columns read: Play/Music; Arts & Crafts; Life Skills; Science
As a classroom teacher I always made my own lesson books so I could utilize the best use of space--efficiency...that's my game!  So here's how I organized it. The top row categorizes the subject areas, the next row is for a description of what tasks should be accomplished that week. The bottom row is a place for reflection, accomplishments, notes to myself about which items my son still needs to work.   

Columns read: Math; Handwriting; Alphabet/Phonics; Read Alouds


So here's my thinking. Most lesson plan books also have the days of the week M-F, but since this lesson plan book is for summer, I'm taking a bit more casual approach to what we accomplish. Each weekend I'll take time to reflect on the previous week to decide what tasks should be accomplished the following week. However, I want to plan with a bit more flexibility, just looking at what I want to accomplish each week, not each day. I want this mindset because I imagine I'll more likely be writing in what we did, not letting the planning get in the way of our summer fun! 

This our first go at homeschooling, and its sort of a test for us as parents and for our son. Any wisdom you have for us is welcomed, but be kind. We know it is not easy, we are ready to work hard, and know that everyday will not be a daily celebration of learning! So I'm hoping we have level heads about it. Just trying to find our way, and determine God's will for our family!   


  1. First thing I would do is put a picture of his DAD on his lesson plan book!

    1. Ok Dad, I'll look into that for the fall Lesson Book!

  2. You are already prepared to plan and organize which puts you well ahead of most people when we enter into the homeschooling world. You seem to also have a realistic grasp on the fact that some days will be stellar and other days may have you questioning why you are homeschooling. I wish you and your entire family luck on your first year of homeschooling (I think you will find it works for you)!

    1. Thanks so much Jill, for your encouraging words! My fear is that I will plan too much, and that my preconceived idea of how schools "look" will get in the way of my son's actual learning! I don't want learning to be a checklist of things we have to do, but I'm also concerned that we are moving at a pace that is appropriate, and that we are meeting age-appropriate benchmarks. I have already looked at your behind the scenes posts and they are going to be very helpful as I go to plan out a year. Thanks for all you contribute for people like me!

  3. I found that the idea of how schooling should work wears off as you least it did for me.

    You're clearly well organized so as long as you can leave some spaces in your planning, I think you'll both do fine.

    A few other blogs you might find useful for planning besides the always-terrific Jill's: Delightful Learning, Living Life Intentionally, Nurturestore, Homeschool Creations, and of course both of Barb's blogs, Handbook of Nature Study and Harmony Art Mom.

  4. Darci,
    I am not a homeschooler but as an elementary teacher and friend to many homeschooling families, I am aware of a few other curriculum that you may want to explore. The school I taught in had a classical education focus.

    - Writing Road to Reading - This is a Phonics Based Language Art Curriculum that allows you to choose the literature.

    - Core Knowledge - This is a scope and sequence for Pre-K-8 grade that is a modified version of the classical education model. It is really centered around history and literature but integrates Science, Math, Music, and Art.

    -I saw on your other posts that you are exploring Saxon Math. I taught it for 7 years and LOVED it for many reasons. As with all curriculum it has its downfalls, but in my opinion it is very solid. Another math curriculum that has become more common recently is Singapore Math. I have not taught it but I know of some schools that have used it successfully. They have homeschool materials too.

    I'm a planner too and love curriculum searching and designing.
    Have fun as you explore the possibility of homeschooling.

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Thanks so much for your post. Your expertise is helpful! This whole early childhood teaching thing is so new for me. I love the idea of using literature to teach everything in context! I will check out the resources you mentioned, The coreknowledge looks good, and funny you should mention singaporemath, as I just found out about that earlier this week, and have been wondering if it wouldn't be a good fit. Thanks again! :)



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