Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countdown Birthday Chain

This week I decided to make a birthday countdown chain for Caleb. He's having a bit of trouble with the concept that his LITTLE brother had a birthday a month before he did. So this chain is my way of dealing with the never-ending question, "When will it be my birthday?" Each morning when he wakes up, he runs over to rip off a single link in the chain, and read how many days left until his birthday. So far, its a big hit!

I typed up phrases such as, "Six more days until your Birthday," or "Your Birthday is 2 weeks from today!" I organized these with the even days on one sheet and odd on another, so that if you printed them off on two different colors, they will alternate. At first when I taped them together, I taped them so the words were on the inside, but half-way through, I taped them so the text was facing out. 

After I printed off my sheets (Here's a Copy for You!), I realized that it would be easy for Caleb to rip off more than one chain per day in hopes that it might speed up his birthday! So as you might be able to see in the photo above, I penciled in dates to help aid in an accurate countdown.

Have you found creative ways to help your kids anticipate special events? 


  1. Hi, Darci.
    I'm finally getting around to officially following and responding to those who visited my during the Ultimate Blog Party. I'm very much looking forward to following your site in particular. :^) And, if I can help answer your questions about homeschooling as you make that decision for your kids, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

  2. This is a great idea! I found this through Pinterest. My daughter is celebrating her 5th birthday on Jan. 25th so I am printed these out and glued them onto birthday wrapping paper and and cut them out with zig-zag type scissors. (Just using what I had around the house! :-))
    Thanks for this idea!


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