Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Videos that Cheer Us Up!

The first one is James Taylor singing "Jellyman" on Sesame Street. The kids in this are hilarious!

Another Sesame Street favorite: "Mary Had a Bicycle"

I learned of this video when I found my husband and son huddled around the computer screen yelling, "Ohhhhh...... Whoa!!!!!! ......Ah!!!!" And this is what I found them watching! The footage is the surveillance video of a tornado hitting a train. Kudos to the hubby, who knows the perfect key words to search for (and ones I would never have thought of!)

Here is another Sesesme Street Favorite: This is Ernie singing "You gotta put down the ducky if you want to play the saxophone."

Apples and Bananas: Its the song, not so much the video that we like on this one.

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