Monday, July 16, 2012

BioFilm Lab: Controlling Growth on Surfaces

Biofilm is the ability of bacteria to adhere to a surface, take up residence and wreck havoc on industry, our teeth, and our body. This lab has two parts one part where students engineer a bacteria collecting apparatus, and the second, a biology component where they study the amount of biofilm growth. Interested yet? I've been asked to guest post over at the Homeschool Scientist, and I'm excited to share with them this engineering/biology inquiry lab. To read the post, head on over and take a look!


  1. Dr. Darci, I am in awe with your blog. I am not a scientist but if I had a teacher like you, I might have entered a STEM career. Your lessons such as the Bio Film lab are so complete with instructions, worksheets, youtube video, photos, materials list and all.....I feel motivated to try this for the fun of it. Your blog is packed with practical learning. I am going to share this with science teachers at my school. As a special educator, I sometimes have difficulty figuring out how to support my students in general education classes because I can't be physically present in the 78 different gen ed classes my students attend. If teachers shared your method of laying out an experiment, I would know exactly how to support my students in resource. Thanks for sharing your amazing work! ~susan

    1. Susan, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! You give the highest of compliments...wanting to try it for fun! The best thing we can do for kids regarding STEM, is to encourage them to ask questions, and not worry about being wrong! Failure is totally an option! And I look forward to seeing how blogging works out for your students!

      Darci the STEM Mom


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