Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bible Memory Flashcards for Core A

This is just a quick post to share with you ABC flashcards that coordinate with Sonlight's Core A. I got the template from Yolanthe @ Homeschool Creations who has another set of memory flashcards that use different verses for the ABC's. She also provides tips on organizing and laminating them. The ones I've put together here go with Sonlight's Core A curriculum. 

ABC Bible Memory Flashcards: Free Download from

I will warn you that I only have this first page done so far. We are only in week 1 of Sonlight's Core A, so this page will have to do for now, as I have so much to do, that I've chosen to update the file as the time gets closer for us. If you are interested in getting the rest of these flashcards, be sure to sign up for notifications via my Facebook page, Google+, or my RSS feed (click on the social media beakers in the upper right hand side of the page), so that you know when I update this post. 

These flashcards coordinate with the songs found on "Sing The Word from A to Z" by the Harrow Family that came with our Sonlight's Core A material.  This makes it easy and enjoyable for the whole family to learn these verses! We have the songs on our ipod and listen in the morning while eating breakfast. I've caught my son humming these songs throughout the day. What a blessing! 


  1. Thanks for the resource. We are almost done with The Boxcar Children...we haven't been able to put it down. Planning on using more of the Sonlight core read-alouds too!

    1. When looking at curriculum for the past year, what scared me most about Sonlight was the chapter books. I didn't realize that kids at this age would be able to listen to books with few pictures. Boy was I wrong! Now, I can't believe they think we should be able to read ONLY 1 chapter a day! When ever we read, my son tells me, keep reading! This is true of the Bible stories too. We usually read several days to a week's worth. And I guess that's ok right? It feels more natural to me than to read a few pages from one book, a few from another etc... We'll get to it all, but following the schedule as is, so far anyway, isn't happening!

    2. Darci, I agree that it feels more natural to me to read one book through rather than a few pages from this one and a few from that. I'm using the schedule and books more as a suggested reading list than anything else. But that's fine, we are loving it!!

    3. Leah, oh, that's a relief! At this point Caleb is resisting working when it feel like work. Reading while he's playing cars on the floor is natural to us, we've done this all summer. But pulling out a workbook, bring with it much for making learning at home more fun than school! I'm learning as we go! Thanks so much for your encouragement! :)


  2. Hi. Are you planning to continue making the bible memory flashcards to go with Sonlight A? We are using it too, and this so handy. So far, my son has loved all of the read alouds except Mary on Horseback. Hope your sons have continued to like it.


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