Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spanish Numbers for Calendar

Spanish numbers cards for Calendar Time |

I've put together a space-saving way to display Spanish vocabulary and numbers for our calendar time!  As I began preparing to homeschool, I read a lot about moms having "calendar time." I observed my own son while he was in preschool and understand the skills children learn during this time. I am impressed with what parents do in these beginning moments of homeschooling, and am trying to figure out what will work best for us. I checked out a number of morning activities and have gleaned quite a bit from the following blogs: 

Space-saving Way to Display Flashcards 

We live in a small space and I'm one of "those" mom's who doesn't want the house to look overcome by children. So I tuck our school stuff in corners not seen when you first walk in the door. However, being frugal, I also wanted to use what was on hand. So when I found these nifty CD/DVD Plastic Holders at the bottom of my computer paper box, I knew I could make it work. It has two plastic pockets that were designed to be put into a three-ring binder and store CD's.  I slipped in some scrapbook paper, trimmed it to fit, and cut out a space for the divider between the two pockets. 

I left a lot of paper coming out above the pockets in order to give me space to make a heading and still be able to read it even when the flashcards are inside the pocket. To make the heading, I just typed up "Spanish" with "Letter and Word" on one side, and "Number" on the other. I printed this out on white cardstock, cut it out, and use ink to distress the edges a bit for effect.  To adhere it to the wall of our bookshelf, I used Scotch Restickable Strips so they would stay in place, but also be removable if I have to reposition them.

Spanish Vocabulary and Number Flashcards

In the first pocket we put in a Spanish vocabulary flahcard for our letter of the day. I found these WONDERFUL cards at Mr. Printables for FREE. Its perfect. The whole family has learned to incorporate the Spanish word into our everyday speech!  But I didn't find anything I liked to help us with our Spanish numbers. So I made a very simple version myself. Each card shows the number in numeral form, as well as the English word (in red) and the Spanish word (in blue). I'm offering these flahscards as a free download! Numbers up to number 31 to use with the calendar! Enjoy, and I'd love to know if you decide to use these! :)

Free Spanish number Cards for Calendar |

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