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Gummy Worm Measuring Activity

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No better activity than one in which you get to eat the data when you're done! In this post I'll share a simple measuring activity we did with gummy worms! This is our 4th week of Wormy Wednesdays with one more to go! Be sure to check out the Wormy Wednesday posts from Andrea at  No Doubt Learning and Erin at The Usual Mayhem

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In this earth worm activity, we measured the worm before stretching it and then afterward. We recorded these numbers in our notebook. This idea came from K-5 Math Teaching Resources. Here is a direct link to the Gummy Worm activity.  While I am American, I prefer metric! So as you can see below, we are measuring our worms using the metric side of the ruler.     

Measuring gummy worms in metric:

Both Caleb and I noticed that he became more aggressive with how far he was willing to stretch the worm each trial. The rule was, that we was supposed to pull the worm as far as he could without ripping it. Each time he pushed the envelope a bit more! 

Stretching and measuring a gummy worm! from

Here we are adding our data into a data table in his notebook. We started with a column for #cm before it was stretched, and a column for #cm after it was stretched.  On this particular day, it showed me that we really need to keep working on number formation. Note to self: Make some data tables that have the Handwriting Without Tears gray boxes in them. 

Recording Gummy Worm data, while eating a worm! from

Then to determine how MUCH longer the stretched worm was than the original worm, we guessed it poker chips. We have all sorts of manipulatives (counting bears and Uniffix cubes) but there is just something special about the texture and weight of a poker chip! 

So for example. We had one worm that stretched a total of 22 cm, and his original length was 10. So We Dad helped Caleb to line up the 22 chips and then "take-away"10. The number that remained, is the difference. We added another column to our data table and recorded these numbers (as we ate our gummy worms). I hope this activity helped him begin seeing how differences can be measured and compared. Even if it didn't, its a process right? And we had fun!   

Also, Andrea at No Doubt Learning and Erin at The Usual Mayhem have posted their week 4 activities for Wormy Wednesday! Go see what they've been doing with worms this past week! And just to give you a heads up, I'll be hosting a worm-themed linky opening next week, so if you have any earthworm activities, I'd love you to get them ready to link up! Have a wonderful week! 

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  1. What kind of notebook do you use? Do you have one notebook for science? Did your son write the columns in his notebook or did you? Sorry for all the questions! I'm planning on doing a worm week next week with my 1st grader and Kindergartener and I like to have more information than I probably need to feel comfortable once I'm directing the activities!


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