Sunday, October 21, 2012

NSTA Presentation-October 2012

I was honored to present at the Louisville Area NSTA conference with a wonderful science teacher named Allison Hennings. Before deciding to become a teacher, she was an nurse. She is what an example of what is RIGHT with education. Her students have a wide  range of abilities, but her expectations remain high. She gains their respect by guiding them along the way, going above and beyond to make them succeed. She is in her second year of teaching a research course in which her students design and implement a STEM research project that the student themselves come up with. To say her students are doing amazing things, is not adequate. 

Mrs. Hennings and I talked about general tips for implementing research with students, ranging from pitfalls, benefits, teaching the literacy components, and how to prepare students for orally presenting their work. Here is the presentation we gave.    

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