Monday, November 12, 2012

Matching Color Pictures to Color Words

Free Student Printable: Matching Color Pictures to Color Words: from

Well, I've uploaded my first document to Teachers Pay Teachers. I've downloaded a lot of great resources through this website, and support the concept of paying hard-working teachers directly for the great materials they develop. I'm checking out how this goes, and may post more of my printables there. 

In our kindergarten goals, we will be learning our color words. I couldn't find anything I really liked or that had a progression of recognizing, reading, and then writing color words, so I've developed a series of handouts that we will be using. This set is just the first in a series...more to come. 

Sample Student Printable page for "Matching color pictures to color words" from

Here is my description of the handout that I posted on TPT. These student handouts will help emerging readers recognize 10 color words and to distinguish it from other color words. Product includes 5 student activity pages, with two colors per page. The colored pairs include green and red, blue and orange, yellow and purple, black and white, pink and brown. Directions at the top of each page read, "Look at the picture and say its color. Draw a line from the picture to all the words that spell its color. There are 5 for each picture." The color words are written in a variety of all uppercase letters or in all lowercase letters as well as a variety of font types.
Sample Student Printable page for "Matching color pictures to color words" from

If you are interested in downloading this free printable, you can visit my TPT store by clicking on the button.

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