Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Modified Crayon Rolls for Adults

Modified Crayon Roll for adult sized writing utensils: STEMmom.org

the pleated poppy blogI've always been a sucker for things having their place. Ever since I can remember, I have loved boxes, tins, totes, bins, and we can't forget the '90's and my love affair with Longaburger baskets. So its no surprise that I loved this crayon roll tutorial I found at The Pleated Poppy.  Each crayon has its own little sleeve. Then the whole thing rolls up! So cute...and functional! The purpose of this post is not to teach you how to make this very cool crayon roll, but to give you ideas on ways to modify it so that the writing utensils belonging to the adults in your life can also have a "sweet" home. Read my ideas, then go over to The Pleated Poppy to get the nitty gritty on how to make this cool craft. Here is a photo of my son playing with the one I made for him. While I don't trust him yet with crayons unsupervised, he loves pulling the crayons out, and putting them back in. The button closure is also an area of great intrigue.

Boy using tractor crayon roll: from STEMmom.org

The best part of this craft is that I had all the materials on hand. I used fabric swatches and elastic hair ties, as well old flannel receiving blankets. I spent a little money on buttons, but that was my only cost!

The crayon roll in the photo below is using the measurements from The Pleated Poppy. I modified the measurements to hold fewer, but taller writing instruments. I chose to make spaces for 8 pencils or pens.  The two in the photo below are a matching, mother and daughter set I made for my sister and niece. I know my three year old niece will love having something like "Mom."

Matching Mother and Daughter Crayon Rollls: STEMmom.org

Because the modified roll I made was only a fraction of the width of the crayon roll, it doesn't have the thickness of the crayon roll. Great for the purse.

Matching Mother and Daughter Crayon Rollls: STEMmom.org

I decided that my sister, an avid studier of God's Word, might enjoy having all her Bible study pencils in one place and easily portable. I found some colored pencils in neon colors that I thought would be great for highlighting scriptures.  For my niece's crayon roll, I found a really cute corduroy skirt (for $2  at a thrift shop) that had  amazing sequence and gems embellishments that are showcased when the crayon roll is buttoned shut! Cute  huh?

Glorified Crayon Roll for Bible Study Pens and Pencils: STEMmom.org

Another great use for this modified crayon roll, is for that teacher in your life! I made the one below for Lauren, a wonderful college student who watched my boys during the summer. She is student teaching this spring, and I think having all of her colored grading pens in this cute vintage apple fabric will bring a smile to her face each time she uses it!  

Modified Crayon Roll: A Great Teacher Gift from STEMmom.org

Or maybe you could make a paired set crayon roll for a homeschooling parent and their kids as a gift! 

Teacher and Student Crayon Roll: A Great Teacher Gift from STEMmom.org

Don't you just love crafts intended for kids that we, as the adult end up loving more than them? This is an easy sewing project that might make a great introduction "tween" sewing project.  What "kid" projects have you modified for yourself?

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