Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gumdrop-Toothpick Engineering Challenge

This is an engineering challenge idea that I’ve modified from one I found on Teacher’s Domain. My 5-year old son was up for the challenge, and I’ve also done the activity with science teachers at a professional development workshop. You’ll love this activity as part of an engineering unit, when you’re introducing shapes, or just for a fun Friday or rainy day activity.

Testing Gumdrop Structure Engineering Challenge: STEMmom.org

Marci saw my post about a collection of activities I did for a state science teacher workshop, and asked me to guest post at the Homeschool Scientist about the gumdrop engineering challenge. In the post, I give tips on how to approach the activity with varying levels of inquiry appropriate for any age, along with FREE Downloads that include two versions of student handouts. Head on over and take a look! I would love to know how your students enjoyed this activity!   

Testing Gumdrop Structure Engineering Challenge:Book on structure, Fail!: STEMmom.org


  1. Thanks for sharing this post at The Homeschool Scientist today. My kids can't wait to try it. The post had lots of traffic today, too :)

    1. Thanks for the opportunity, Marci! Always glad to connect with you and your readers!

      Darci the STEM Mom

  2. This is so much fun. We did something similar with marshmallows, but gum drops are such a better choice.


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