Wednesday, April 3, 2013

STEM Linky Winner-Apple Rotting

I'm featuring Jmommymom from Highhill Homeschool for her post on Rotting Apples.  

Rotting Apples: Highhill Homeschool Featured on STEM Mom

Several things stand out to me about this post. First, she was willing to put up the smell in order to do Kudos! Secondly, she has a sound research design. As you can see from her photo, she placed apple slices above differing substances (go read her post for details), but the glass on the far right, is just an apple on top of a glass with nothing in it. This is her control and is often as aspect of an experiment that people forget. The control is needed so we can compare the results of the experimental groups to what "normally" happens. All the groups need to be the same in every way, only changing ONE variable. In this experiment, the independent variable is the liquid substance that may affect rotting. Everything else is the same; Apple slice, amount of liquid in the glasses, size of the glass etc... And the control has the apple over an empty glass. 

This apple rotting experiment is the kind of GOOD science we should all be exposing our kids to! Well done JMommymom, and thanks for linking up.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the awesome write-up on the rotting apples experiment. Please visit Science Sparks for the experiment which inspired ours.


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