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Importance of Handwashing-First Glog

K-1 Germ Unit: Handwashing Glog from

One of my goals in our Germ unit, was to be sure that my son learns proper hand washing technique. We've always enjoyed singing our ABC's while we wash our hands (to ensure the full 20 seconds), but we've not been too concerned with how well the soap is moved around. So now we know how important it is to clean ALL areas of the hands. We've learned that the spots missed most are the fingernails, outside palms, and wrists. This video highlights this point well.

Source: via Darci on Pinterest

We've read books on how to wash our hands, and although the content within this video was specific and helpful, the song just annoyed us all!

Source: via Darci on Pinterest

Source: via Darci on Pinterest

And this next video, titled "Pump The Pump" I thought would be a sure hit with my 6 year old, but I he just rolled his eyes at me! Oh, well. I tried, right?

Source: via Darci on Pinterest

Our First Glog (Digital Story)

Another goal I had this unit, was to see if I could get Caleb to make (or at least contribute to) his own digital story. I've been searching for kid-friendly programs, and decided to give Glogster a try. With a Ph.D in Educational Technology, I've been excited about getting Caleb to show what he's learned by creating digital products. As I played around with Glogster  I found it is super intuitive! I also plant to give Caleb a glog to begin learning how to insert and edit graphics. He usually begs for technology time, even if he has to "do school."

So the first step we took to make our first glog, was to take photos. I had to bribe my son with "rec" time and then photo shoot took less than 3 minutes. I uploaded the photos to Glogster, and added the text. But for the audio, this is where I wanted Caleb to be front and center. 

To increase his comfort level with using a microphone headset, we just played for 20 minutes in Garage Band (pre-loaded software on my MacBook Pro). We changed settings to make his voice sound like a mouse, a 40-year old man, a rock star, and his favorite "helium voice." 

I wrote a script (found below), and I read one line at a time, and had him repeat it. He mumbles, laughs, pouts, but we get through it! You can also tell he had issues with maintaining the same voice level throughout the recording, and keeping his hands off the mic! And I'm betting you'll recognize  the level of enthusiasm changing as the recording moves on.  But you know what? Pretty good for his first attempt! You can view the glog by going to my Glogster Page, or in the embedded image below.


Original Script for "How to Wash Your Hands" (Liberties were taken during the recording session!) 

Hi, my name is Caleb and I am 6 years old.  I’m proud to share with you, my very first video. We are learning about germs.  So I am going to share the right way to wash your hands.  Here we go… Step 1. After getting water on your hands, add one pump of Soap. Step 2: Rub your hands palm to palm Step 3: Next get between your fingers by making Wall-e  hands. Step 4: Wash tops of your hands, but don’t forget to get both sides. Step 5: Now rub the base of each thumb Step 6: Hook your hands together like a chain to get the back of the fingers. Rub them back and forth. Step 7: To get your fingernails rub your fingers into your palm.  Step 8: But don’t forget each wrist.  Step 9: Rinse your hands in warm water and dry your hands.

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