Wednesday, June 19, 2013

South Dakota REMAST Conference

I am pleased to have been asked to be the keynote speaker at the REMAST Conference at South Dakota State University. I'm impressed with this program whose goal is to provide support, training, and a monetary incentive to teach in high-need districts.  

I enjoyed interacting today with current Noyce Scholars, recent graduates, and new classroom teachers. I'm inspired by their stories, their enthusiasm, and their optimism!

This is the presentation that STEM Mom gave at the summer 2013 summer REMAST summer conference in South Dakota State University. Topics range from "What is STEM?" Ways to teach in context to engage students, Importance of Inquiry, creating an environment that is friendly for inquiry, and how to balance natural curiosity with making sure student improve their scientific thinking and practice skills.

Dr. Harland (STEM Mom) Keynote at REMAST Summer Conference from Darci the STEM Mom

Tomorrow I will be giving the following presentation. This presentation provides teachers with tips on how to set up a curriculum plan for implementing student research. Year-long planning, unit-planning, and tips for deadlines is included. Tips on using technology (Web 2.0 tools) to support the coordinating of group projects and grading. We also perform some activities that will help introduce scientific method to students by allowing them to do stuff!