Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Twitter for Teachers: Part 1

Twitter, is not just for popular culture. Its not just for sharing what you had for lunch.  It is actually the best way to connect quickly with teachers of like-mindedness, as well as teachers who will boggle your mind with what they do in their classroom.

To encourage teachers to venture onto Twitter in order to engage with innovative thinkers, I have started a tutorial series titled "Twitter for Innovative Thinkers." Part 1 is called "Educator's Guide to Twitter: The Profile Page."  In this first tutorial I explain how Twitter is a great place for professional development for teachers. I then go through the elements of a Twitter profile page to prepare YOU to set up an account.

In Part 2 titled "Hashtags and other Twitter Terms I Don't Know" I will share the construction of a tweet along with the importance of a hashtag.  Coming soon.

I double-dog dare you to open a Twitter account today and begin experiencing learning (as a teacher) like never before! Have Fun!

~Darci the STEM mom