In February 2013, I was a featured workshop presenter (one of two) at Minnesota's state science teacher conference.  Their theme was "Putting the "E" in STEM, so my session was titled, "Putting the "TEM" into our Science teaching. Here is the link to the post where I talked about my session. It was completely hands on, where we did an activity first, then talked about how to level it for inquiry, and for ages. I focused this talk for K-8 teachers. 

October 18-20, 2012
My session is on Friday October 19th @ 12:30-1:30.

NSTA Press Session: Implementing Student Research Projects: Tips for Organization and Assessment
Kentucky International Convention Center, Conference Theatre

Join the author of STEM Student Research Handbook as she pairs up with a classroom teacher to share tips for beefing up student research designs. She'll also share tips for using feedback to encourage yet challenge students and for teaching the literacy aspects of science-focused research projects.
Presenter(s): Darci J. Harland (Illinois State University: Normal, IL); Allison Hennings (Oak Park River Forest High School: Oak Park, IL)

At the Author Meet and Greet sessions, you'll find me near my blue STEM Student Research banner with the reflective flower! Bring your book for me to sign, and any questions you may have! Looking forward to meeting you. 

Even if you can't meet me at any of my scheduled appearances, I'd love to sit and chat if you plan on being at the conference. Feel free to email me and we can set up a time. drdjharland[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog Posts about my face-to-face Appearances

MnSTA Conference: February 2013: Theme, "Putting the "E" into STEM." My 3 hour workshop was geared to K-8 teachers and was titled, "Let's put the 'TEM' into our Science Teaching."    

NSTA Presentations at the Seattle Area Conference in December 2011.  

NSTA National Conference in Indianapolis

Blog Posts about my Webinar Appearances

On occasion, I am asked to be the featured speaker in a webinar format. Here are the ones I've done lately. 

February 7, 2013 I spoke to Dr. Desmond Murray's Chemistry Seminar students at Andrews University. I titled this talk, "Secrets for Conducting Student Research." This audience was undergraduate college students, so my focus was on research they may do at this level. The webinar was about 40 minutes long with time for about 5 minutes of questions.   

On January 8, 2013, I spoke to teachers that are a part of NSTA's New Science Teacher Academy (NSTA). Therefore, this webinar focused on tips for teachers to implement student research.  There were about 150 teachers in attendance at this webinar.