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Here is a lists of my posts relating to all things Mama;  tutorials, cooking, sewing, home organization, and my musings about motherhood if I am so inclined! 

Crafting and Gifting

DIY: Chemo Head Wraps: Using very little fabric, and very little sewing skill, you can whip up some really cute chemo head wraps. I share the wraps I made for my teen-age niece.

Chemo Care Package Ideas:  My 13 year old niece has cancer, and I wanted to do something to help. So I put together a box of head coverings that will fit any mood!

Gifting a STEM Kit for a Hands on Experience: I share a STEM kit I put together for my nephew. Includes direction on what to put into the kit, as well as ideas for experiments to include.

Modified Crayon Roll for Adults: Why do kids get a place to hold their writing utensils, but not us? I show you the modified crayon rolls I made for Bible marking pencils, and a student teacher's grading pens.

Easy Handprint Calendar: I made calendars for a Christmas gift using my boys' handprints. I show you how!

Tutorial: Sleeve Gloves: No More Cold Wrists: This tutorial shows how you can transform store bought mittens and 2 long-sleeve shirts into priceless gloves that will keep you kids outside for hours with toasty warm wrists.

Home Organization

Floor to Ceiling Shelves: I share how we've managed to do without closets or any bedroom furniture by building floor to ceiling shelving unit. It even includes a little place for me to do my hair and make up!

Cooking Posts

Sour Cream Coffee Cake: This recipe came from the farm in Iowa. My grandma remembers when a man "in town" was doing a demonstration to sell some pans, he made this coffee cake! I love family recipes with a story!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies: 'nuff said. Delicious!

Resurrection Buns: An Easter Treat: I explain how to make these cool rolls that are hallow inside, just like the tomb!

Baby Food: Grains and Beans: While babies often start on rice cereal, it is really easy to make a better more nutritious to make your own. I show you to buy, organize, and prepare in bulk to feed your baby a healthy cereal diet. Good for babies 9 months and older.

Full of Beans and Grains: Here is a list of the large variety of beans and grains you can be using for your homemade baby cereal.

Baby Food: Kale Tutorial:  I walk you through the steps on how to make all natural, frozen baby food cubes using Kale as my example.

My Musings

Let Kids Break Stuff-Ode to my Mom:  A little about my reflection on the role we have as parents. Sparked by a YouTube video of Dr. Neil deGrassee Tyson.

It Looked Better On Pinterest: This post was featured on Bonbon Break and shows how sometimes Pinterest fails us! I include photos of what it should have been, and then the reality of it! Good for a laugh!

Wind Turbines Changing our Landscape:  My musings on our changing rural landscape. This is what prompted me to do three weeks of Wind Turbine labs with my high school classes.

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  1. TY for this page. I found it by searching if I can store red cabbage indicator in plastic containers. Additionally, I am considering taking your STEM teacher course if it is still available.


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