Worm Unit

Kindergarten Unit on Worms: From STEM mom, No Doubt Learning, and The Usual Mayhem

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea from No Doubt Learning and Erin from The Usual Mayhem to put together an extensive kindergarten worm unit. We have put together a thematic unit that includes not only using trade books to teach science, and experiments to go with, but also worm-themed math, crafts, music, and food ideas as well. We've collected the best on the web, and developed some materials of our own, all available for free. Just be sure to read our Terms of Use before sharing the resources! Thanks so much for stopping by.

These are a link to the STEM lessons we used in our units, but Andrea and Erin blogged more about the literacy aspects. We've consolidated all our ideas with links to everything in a Google Doc

The Science Behind Worms

Worm Themed Experiments from STEMmom.org

Observing Worms "Wet or Dry?" Experiment:  In this post I introduce the worm unit, provide the Free Wormy Science Lab Notebook printable, and give advice for conducting the wet/dry worm experiment.

Building an Earthworm Jar:  Learn how to make an environment for your worms that allow you to observe their tunneling as well as their impact on the soil.

Observations of the Earthworm Jar Ongoing:(Coming Soon!)

We Love Worms: Kindergarten Lessons from STEMmom.org
Wormy Experiment Light and Dark: Do worms have eyes?  They're called night crawlers, but can worms see? Allow kids' natural curiosity lead them as they design an experiment to test whether worms prefer to be in the light or in the dark. Includes video of our drastic results.   

Can Worms Smell? Do worms have noses? Can they smell? If so, do they react to certain smells, being attracted to some, while repulsed by others? This experiment allows kids to pick substances to test to see whether or not worms "like" or "hate" certain substances! 

Food Chain Activity -Worm Style Using a deck of Food Chain Activity Cards, kids can figure out how plants and animals are connected. Our focus is on earthworms and decomposition, but extension activities are included that will work up through the middle and high school grades!  Food Chain Activity Cards are available as a free download.

Do Worms See Colored Light? Two more wormy experiments: We know worms an tell light from dark, but does the color of the light matter? Or, do worms detect light differently on their heads, middle, or tails?  STEM Mom provides tips for guiding young children through two simple labs to test these ideas.

Wormy Observations  Some cool wormy science activities are not really experiments, but rather careful observations. STEM Mom shares successes and failures of wormy kindergarten unit.

Worm-Themed Math Activities

Wormed Themed Math Activities from STEMmom.org

Math-Themed Worm Activities Science and math go hand in hand. STEM Mom shares several worm-themed math activities that she used as part of a kindergarten worm unit. Activities include Counting 1-20, skip counting, tens and ones, and a gummy worm measuring activity that includes using manipulatives to introduce subtraction.

Gummy Worm Measuring Activity: What better lab than one where you get to eat the data! We measured gummy worms before and after we stretched them, recorded the numbers, then figured out how much longer the stretched worm was compared to the original. Fun addition to our worm unit.

Worm-Themed Literacy Activities

Worm Themed Trade Book Lessons from STEMmom.org

Worm-Themed Trade Book Reviews: Using a combination of fiction and non-fiction, I share which earthworm trade books I used as part of our kindergarten worm-themed unit.

Worm-Themed Art, Music, Kinesthetic Activities, and Food 

Worm themed art, music, PE, and food activities from STEMmom.org

Worm-Themed Art and Music Activities  In addition to all the great science and literacy we've been doing in our kindergarten earthworm unit, we also did a fun art project, sang songs, and used all sorts of sensory ways to practice our handwriting. Includes a free download printable of wormy playdough mats.

Physical Activities - Wormy Style  Moving to learn is so effective!  STEM mom talks about using movement to help teach and assess what her 5 year old learned during a thematic earthworm unit.

Oreo Cooking Worm Cake and Worm Ice Cubes (Coming Soon!) Need worm-themed foods? STEM mom shares foods that accompanied her worm unit. It includes the recipe for the BEST dirt cake (Oreo cookie cake) and how to make gummy worm ice cubes!

Worm Link-Up

Worm Themed Linky: hosted by Darci the STEM mom

I am hosting a worm link-up. If you have some worm activities you'd like to share, get them ready! It will be great to have all these resources in one place!

And remember: We've organized the wormy lessons into a consolidated Google Doc

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